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You may have an outdoor landscape lighting system that our company installed, or you are seeking services to your existing outdoor landscape lighting system. Our company provides an annual check up and/or full maintenance service to keep your system updated, repaired, and performing at it's best. Over time water deposits, bird droppings, insects, overgrown landscaping, damaged fixtures and bulb failure lessen the function and beauty of your lights. We offer an annual full system maintenance on new and existing lighting systems that can include:

  • Cleaning lenses (water deposits, droppings, insects, calcium build up)
  • Readjust, relocate or raise lights (to accommodate plant growth or change)
  • Trimming branches/plants (any growth hindering light output or quality)
  • Burying and repairing any exposed or cut wire
  • Checking and repairing any broken stakes
  • Replacing bad sockets in fixtures
  • Replacing burnt out bulbs
  • Readjusting timers and settings
  • Check transformer & photo-cell functions
  • Add or replace any broken fixtures
  • Replace Halogen bulbs with new LED bulbs (more hours - less energy)
  • Full system redesign and installation (updated products)

 Consider that proper maintenance and care will extend the longevity of your system and keep your investment looking and performing its best. Please call our office for more information or scheduling. Thank you for your business and we hope to hear from you soon!

Ask about our new LED product line - lifetime warranty